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Wrinkle Treatment Treatment in Murrieta, CA

Time to Draw the Line on Facial Lines!

Here's the thing about facial Wrinkle Treatment, nobody likes them. And these days nobody has to accept them.

Dzenan Lulic, MD, provides a personalized approach to his practice, making sure that each line and wrinkle on your face is treated as uniquely individual as you are. So schedule a consultation in Murrieta, CA, with Lucali Aesthetics and Regenerative Medicine today to smooth out those wrinkles and fine lines.

What is a Fine Line and Wrinkle Treatment?

At Lucali Aesthetics and Regenerative Medicine, we pride ourselves on offering the broadest range of treatments for your fine lines and wrinkles, allowing us to customize your procedures to meet your needs with the best results. Below are the many different types of options available:

There Is Nothing "Fine" About Lines and Wrinkles!


We offer a variety of injectable neurotoxin treatments, including Botox, Xeomin, Dysport, and Jeuveau, that temporarily block nerve impulses from reaching targeted facial muscles. Preventing harsh contractions by those muscles allows them to relax, smoothing out lines and wrinkles.

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Sculptra contains poly-L-lactic acid (PLLA), a synthetic substance that stimulates collagen production. It is primarily used to restore facial volume lost due to age or illness, but it also addresses wrinkles on the chin and around the nose and mouth.


Restylane is a dermal filler designed to give your face a fuller and more supple look. The line of Restylane fillers comes in many different formulae, each calibrated to address particular facial issues. For example, Restylane Silk is often used in lip enhancement.


Juvederm is an exceptionally versatile filler that also comes in various formulae. Juvederm works particularly well for people who have lines that stretch from their nose to the corners of their mouth. As is the case with Restylane, Juvederm is made with hyaluronic acid (HA).

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Voluma is another HA-based filler that fills in fine lines and nasolabial folds and can restore volume and contour to sunken cheeks. Again, Voluma produces notably fast results.

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Results are long-lasting. Treatments can reduce smile lines, marionette lines, and pre-jowl folds. Radiesse is also used to restore age-related loss of volume in the hands.

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Enhance Cellular Regeneration

This innovative procedure stimulates your body's healing processes to repair damaged skin. It does so by first inflicting minor injury to your skin. Then, a special device containing fine needles is used to make tiny nicks on your skin's surface.

That triggers an aggressive healing process that increases blood flow and ramps collagen production, improving skin tone, volume, and texture. Additionally, microneedling is used to deliver nourishing growth factors and substances, such as exosomes or PRP (platelet rich plasma). These substances naturally exist within the body and can stimulate and significantly enhance cellular regeneration. This quick outpatient procedure is performed in an office or a treatment room and requires no anesthesia other than applying a topical numbing cream.

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VI Peel

This deluxe chemical peel cleans, smooths, and brightens your skin. The VI Peel uses specialized acids and minerals to remove damaged top layers of your skin. This safe exfoliation gives your face a "clean slate."

This procedure is convenient, affordable, and produces fast results. It can come in handy if you're preparing for a big event! VI Peel can take care of:

  • Age Spots
  • Fine Lines And Wrinkles
  • Sun Damage
  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Acne Outbreaks

Treatment sessions take only about 30 minutes

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CO-2 Laser Resurfacing

This fine line and wrinkle treatment works by focusing short beams of light on skin irregularities. It combines carbon dioxide (CO-2) with a precision laser to "zap" blemishes, scars, enlarged pores, warts, deep wrinkles, age spots, and sun damage. This outpatient procedure varies in length according to the number, types, and locations of your treatment areas.

Erbium Laser Resurfacing

Erbium Laser Resurfacing reduces any risk of burning tissues surrounding your treatment sites. That then reduces recovery time and limits side effects. ELR is very effective in reversing sun damage and treating hyperpigmentation.

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Natural-looking Results

While laser therapies use concentrated beams of light, ultherapy utilizes ultrasound technology to improve skin tone. This ultrasound energy is delivered to every layer of your skin. As a result, Ultherapy produces natural-looking results that continue to improve for up to six months, lasting up to two years.

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) Treatment

Sometimes called a photofacial, IPL is a non-surgical procedure that improves the tone and color of your skin. Lasers send out only one wavelength of light. IPL transmits multiple wavelengths, which can treat a wide range of skin conditions at the same time.

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What are the Benefits of Fine Line and Wrinkle Treatment?

Head-Turning Beauty

We all grow wrinkles as we age. They are a natural part of the aging process. Wrinkles appear mostly on the regions of the body that receive the most sunshine, such as the face, neck, back of the hands, and tops of the forearms.

Wrinkles are classified into two types: fine surface lines and deeper furrows. Luckily, we do not have to live with those. With Dzenan Lulic, MD's thorough and detailed approach, he ensures you have all the tools you need to turn back the hands of time. As a result, you will shed years off your face, leaving you with younger and smoother skin than all of the creams, washes, masks, and oils could ever afford.

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Am I a good candidate for fine line and wrinkle treatment?

Something for Everyone

Who wouldn't want to look younger and have renewed confidence?

Lucali Aesthetics and Regenerative Medicine has so many options available for fine lines and wrinkle treatments Murrieta area residents can avail themselves of, that anyone who isn't comfortable with the rate of aging they are seeing is a good candidate. The best way to find out what would work best for you is to schedule a consultation with our Murrieta office.

Your Fine Line & Wrinkle Procedure

Your Friends Will Be Jealous

Most non-surgical fine line & wrinkle treatments are quick and relatively painless.

During the consultation for your wrinkle treatment Temecula aesthetics expert, Dzenan Lulic, MD, will explain your options, what they entail, and which are the best options for you. Once you decide on the appropriate procedures, he will set the appointment for you to begin your journey to making your friends jealous of your beautiful skin.

Fine Line & Wrinkle Treatment Recovery

Erase Your Lines

Each of your non-surgical fine line and wrinkle erasers requires almost zero downtime.

However, there will be some things you will want to avoid, such as prolonged sun exposure, rubbing new dermal fillers, and avoiding strenuous exercise and activity for a couple of weeks. The professionals at Lucali Aesthetics and Regenerative Medicine pride themselves on giving you the longest-lasting results so that they will provide you with aftercare instructions for each of your treatments.

Your Fine Line & Wrinkle Treatment Results

Smoother, Softer Skin

Based on the personalized treatment package, your results will vary. Following a good skincare routine, most should last anywhere from a few months to a few years. However, no matter your choice, you will get smoother, softer skin with reduced wrinkles, fine lines, and creases, leaving you to look younger and boosting your self-esteem.

Schedule your Murrieta wrinkle treatment consultation with Lucali Aesthetics and Regenerative Medicine today

What Works Best for You

We have a comprehensive and diverse repertoire of safe and effective cutting-edge therapies to combat and reverse the effects of facial aging. Allow us to demonstrate all of the tools in our facial treatment package. Schedule your consultation with Dzenan Lulic, MD, at Lucali Aesthetics and Regenerative Medicine in Murrieta today.

Temecula Wrinkle Treatment model with black hair

Lucali Testimonials

"I decided to try out this new facility for my cosmetic needs. I had my filler done here. Doctor Lulic was extremely knowledgeable and explained everything thoroughly. His bedside manner is excellent, and he is very patient and comforting! He even followed up with me to see how I was doing. I will definitely be going back and will be referring my family and friends. " Lisa V.

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"After researching the Ultherapy procedure, I decided to see Dr. Lulic and have an evaluation of my face and neck done. Dr. Lulic was able to answer my infinite amount of questions to the fullest. I felt very comfortable that I scheduled to have the procedure done. As soon as I walked in, his staff was friendly and accommodating. He was attentive and had such a positive demeanor throughout my visit. I am extremely satisfied with the results of the Ultherapy!" Melissa S.

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"I normally don’t write reviews, however my experience at Lucali was beyond excellent. Dr. Lulic and his staff are fantastic. The office is beautiful, and from the moment you arrive through aftercare, you know you're being well taken care of. The doctor reached out to me daily to see how I was healing. The service I have had is Laser Erbium Skin Resurfacing on my face. I’ve dealt with years of melasma and have wanted to address it for quite a long time. I’ve completed 2 of 3 procedures and am absolutely thrilled with the results. My skin looks better than ever. I highly recommend Lucali Aesthetics." Stephanie B.

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"I had a great experience with Lucali Aesthetic Medicine. After two previous laser procedures done elsewhere that failed to remove a large red spot on my face, I was lucky enough to find Dr. Lulic and now my spot is gone! I was told I would need 4 sessions of IPL, but after the second one it was practically gone! I did a 3rd just as a touchup, but I'm so happy I found Dr. Lulic. Thank you!" Rocio R.

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"What a great experience! The staff was on point and very caring. The doctor was amazing at explaining what would take place. He was so kind and caring about making sure I did not feel any pain. I did not feel any pain and I love the way my lips looks. Great place to come for skin care or any type of facial enhancement. I recommend this place to everyone!" Lorena H.

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"Dr Lulic is amazing! I got filler and Botox here and he does a great job, probably my favorite work I have gotten on my lips before! I was extremely nervous and he made me feel so comfortable and calm.... Definitely recommend this place!" Brooke C.

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Temecula Wrinkle Treatment model with brown hair

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Fine Line & Wrinkles Treatment Frequently Asked Questions

Will treatment for fine lines & wrinkles hurt?

Most non-surgical wrinkle treatments are relatively pain-free. However, we offer topical anesthetic and ProNox (nitrous oxide gas) to ensure optimally comfortable treatment. You may expect some bruising, swelling, or redness, but those only last a few days. Discuss any concerns during your consultation.

What is the cost of fine lines & wrinkles treatment in Murrieta?

Because your treatments will vary from person to person, wrinkle treatment costs can be determined during your consultation.

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